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Override DNS v5.4.3 released

Changelog for v5.4.1 and v5.4.3.

  • User facing improvements:

    • bugfix automatic DNS change in Android N
    • Removed Cisco predefined DNS, does not work
    • Added log message when updating SSID list
    • Adaptive icon
    • Added test button when possible
    • Added a dedicated service for Oreo+ versions and a persistent notification (can be switched off)
    • Added “always use iptables” option for N+ Android versions
    • Improved logging: added autoscroll, timestamp, failure reasons, live messages, persistance
    • Fixed rotation problems, ProgressBar, layout for small screens, buttons layout
    • Improved: notifications, app load time, root detection
    • removed Showcaseview library
  • Internal improvements:

    • enable NetworkMonitorService for N+
    • use my setools-android fork as submodule
    • Makefile: use full path for adb
    • Cleanup iptables rules switching to unsupported network
    • Preparing for my DNS tester service
    • Fixed: SELinux detection, Magisk detection, restore button, network disconnections detection
    • Improved: Wi-Fi SSID detection, code style
    • Reduced preferences size, source code, compilation time
    • Simplified mantainability with command templates
    • Disabled StrictMode in release versions
    • Introduced: Gson, ButterKnife