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Postphone v1.1.0

There’s a new version of Postphone. Huge list of things, here’s the full changelog:

      New feat Google Android Backup Service (settings and database)
      Issue-001 now app keeps alarms upon reboot
      Hotfix-002 now when you receive a call with unknown Caller ID, 
           no popup is shown
    Application workflow:
      You must check or dismiss notification to remove alarm
      Min SDK change from 7 to 8 (drop support for Eclair)
      DatabaseHelper class replaces DBAdapter
      Allow to upgrade from db v0 to db v1 and allow future upgrades
      Remove old code doTheVibration() and playSound()
      File rename popupcallback => popupcallback.xml
      Fix some typos
      Lower the number of events logged
    Developer side:
      New utility emulate-reboot
      New utility insert-fake-passed-calls with support for TZ
      New utilities for backup
      Change tmp path in sqlite-postphone-db utility
      Publish notes
      Backup notes
    Debug menu:
      Is disabled by default
      Can now be enabled via multiple taps on version name
      New menu entry "clear alarms table"
      New menu entry "test PopUpAfterCall"
    Design and blog:
      Blog featured banner
      Official logo.png

Postphone icon

Postphone available to Russia and India in their currencies

Postphone Android AppAlong with Google Play Store opening to new Buyer’s Currencies, Postphone is now available for buying in two new countries: Russia and India.

The price is 30,00 Russian rubles (RUB) and 50,00 Indian rupees (INR).

The price is set to the smallest available!

Please take a look at this page to check this amazing Android app or find it in Google Play Store.

Postphone icon

Postphone Android App 1.0 release

Today version 1.0 of Postphone has been released. Nerver forget to call back again!

You can find the promotional page here.

Technically speaking:

  • it has been fully developed under Ubuntu 12.04 64bit
  • it has been written entirely using vim
  • everything has been tracked by git
  • the icon has been edited using SketchUp under wine
  • main and other icons, banners and featured images has been edited with Gimp
  • beta devices were all running CyanogenMod