Postphone – Unintrusive call reminder

I’m sorry, but this project has been discontinued.

Have you ever been busy while receiving a call? Maybe you were in a meeting or in a noisy place or with the wrong person…¬†Probably you thought “I’ll call this person in few minutes” and you forgot to call.

Never forget to call back again (unless you want)!

Postphone is an Android app which comes to solve this problem.

It’s simple, unintrusive and fully integrated in the system.

You’ll never see any message from the app until you miss or refuse a call. That’s the basic set up which can be changed in the options panel.

Full Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean theme

The app is backward compatible from Android 20.+ (Eclair), but is fully integrated with Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean, too!

How does it work

When you refuse an incoming call, you’ll be prompted for an action with a pop-up.

This is the basic functionality. Many settings can be changed simply launching the app via the app drawer.

That’s all. Ad-free, simple, clean and functional.

Now available

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6 thoughts on “Postphone

  1. i have never used it before its promising to be a good chat thank you ,tel me how to use it before i disconet from net ,do i need a simcard on my pc or how?

    1. Hi, thank you for your interest.
      Postphone is not a chat application. It reminds you to call back someone when you refuse or miss a call.
      It’s an Android app which must be installed on a phone: without a sim card it doesn’t do anything useful.

      Please consider to give it a try. Google Play Store allows you to get refunded if you don’t like the app. (Note that you have 15 minutes to try, after that time you can’t be reimbursed).

  2. hw do i use it,do i need a line on my pc or it works like that ,but even though i havent use it before but its good one ,anyway let me know before i desconnet it off thank you

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