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Weird problem solved: I cannot activate “Debug USB”

update with latest cm10 ROM from Kalimochoaz (cm-10-FEATURED-crespo.v1.10.zip), the problem is solved. You can download all here
“Android debugging” is crashing

I’m testing Android Jelly Bean on my Nexus S running CyanogenMod 10.

The exact ROM is “cm-10-20120715-FEATURED-crespo.v0.6.zip”.

I’m getting this weird problem: if I disable USB debug, I cannot re-enable it.

I’m talking about the feature of Android which allows you to use adb from your pc.

The exact menu entry can be found under Settings -> Developer options -> Android debugging.

I managed to re-enable Android debugging with Tasker and the Secure Settings plugin.

Step by step procedure

I’m assuming you own a copy of Tasker, you have successfully installed Secure Settings and enabled the relative Helper. To do so you must have a rooted ROM like CyanogenMod.

I’m reporting here the steps I did:

  1. Open Tasker
  2. Go to “Tasks” tab
  3. Create a new task with the green “+” button
  4. Give the task a name (i.e. “Enable Debug”)
  5. Add a new action
  6. Choose “Plugin”
  7. Choose “Secure Settings”
  8. Choose “Edit”
  9. Pick “USB Debugging” from the list
  10. Activate the “On” state
  11. Save with the floppy icon on the bottom
  12. ¬†Now run your task in Tasker (you can use the “play” button)
  13. Verify the state of the checkbox in the Android’s Settings menu